Did you know that some kids have trouble getting the supplies and help they need for school? Did you know that YOU can help them? It's true

In partnership with Kids in Need Foundation, Scotties is on a mission to make a difference for these kids, and with your time and your ideas, we can make it happen. To help us, you just have to answer one question:

“If you could put one thing in a backpack and give it to a kid who needed help getting through the school day, what would that thing be?”

Here are some great examples:

Get creative with your response! It can be something like your favorite purple pen, or sayings from a note your Mom wrote to you. Record your answer as a video, and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure to tag @scottiestissues and use the hastag #readysetschool. Your idea WILL help!

For every video shared tagging @scottiestissues and using #readysetschool, we'll donate a backpack to a student who really needs it, up to 1,400 backpacks in all.

  • Your idea can be as simple or imaginative as you want it to be.
  • Make your explanation in the video clear and fun. About 15-45 seconds long is best.
  • Ask a relative or friend to be your cameraperson, or go ahead and do it selfie-style!
  • Make sure an adult does the posting online, and remembers to tag @scottiestissues and use the hastag #readysetschool.

The Kids in Need Foundation's mission is to ensure that EVERY CHILD is PREPARED TO LEARN & SUCCEED in the classroom by providing FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES nationally to students MOST IN NEED.

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Get Ready Guide

As a kid, you have a lot to do! Getting yourself organized and prepared is easier than you might think. Planning helps you to be prepared to take your day one step at a time. Check out our Get Ready Guide!